Paichan13 Blends

photo of Hijikata Toshizo
Hijikata Toshizo
by Paichan13
earl grey green, cherry green, peppermint
photo of The Good Doctor
The Good Doctor
Score: 99
by Paichan13
rooibos vanilla chai, sour apple, rooibos cinnamon apple
photo of The Honorable Major
The Honorable Major
by Paichan13
raspberry, raspberry green, raspberry patch
photo of The Silversmith
The Silversmith
Score: 90
by Paichan13
lapsang souchong, cinnamon, gunpowder
photo of The Rabble Rouser
The Rabble Rouser
by Paichan13
pu-erh spice, masala chai
photo of The Man With Everything to Lose
The Man With Everything to Lose
by Paichan13
earl grey lavender, cream
photo of Gavin
Score: 90
by Paichan13
assam melody, tiger eye, toasted mate
photo of Connor
Score: 99
by Paichan13
earl grey moonlight, white blueberry, spearmint
photo of Hank
Score: 99
by Paichan13
hazelnut, chocolate chai, hojicha
photo of The Blue Haired Traci
The Blue Haired Traci
by Paichan13
cream, blueberry, pomegranate
photo of Markus
by Paichan13
assam melody, caramel, maple creme oolong
photo of Stay Strong, and Clear
Stay Strong, and Clear
by Paichan13
pu-erh tahiti, mango melange, watermelon cooler
photo of Brad Crawford
Brad Crawford
by Paichan13
ceylon sonata, strawberry, spearmint
photo of Schuldig
by Paichan13
lapsang souchong, gunpowder, honeybush
photo of Abyssinian
by Paichan13
cinnamon, strawberry, summer rose
photo of Farfarello
by Paichan13
irish breakfast, white chai, blood orange
photo of Nagi Naoe
Nagi Naoe
by Paichan13
apricot green, cherry green
photo of The Enforcer
The Enforcer
by Paichan13
earl grey lavender, lemon soleil, lavender lemon
photo of The Huntress
The Huntress
by Paichan13
mambo, peppermint, rooibos caramel
photo of The Vampire
The Vampire
by Paichan13
cream, blackberry, butterscotch
photo of The Witch
The Witch
by Paichan13
vanilla green, foxtrot, green rooibos
photo of The Demon
The Demon
by Paichan13
valentines, blood orange, honeybush chocolate
photo of Aiden
by Paichan13
green chai, citron green, fruit medley
photo of Geek Like Me
Geek Like Me
by Paichan13
pu-erh hazelberry, white strawberry, wild strawberry
photo of Honor Above All
Honor Above All
by Paichan13
ceylon sonata, summer rose, blood orange
photo of Irene
by Paichan13
cream, spearmint, decaf earl grey
photo of JUSTICE!
by Paichan13
rooibos, rooibos caramel, honeybush
photo of Lady Winter
Lady Winter
by Paichan13
ceylon sonata, gunpowder, peppermint
photo of My Piano Man
My Piano Man
by Paichan13
assam melody, chocolate chip, berry blues
photo of Sam
by Paichan13
chocolate chai, masala chai, honeybush hazelnut
photo of Tea for a Stormy Night
Tea for a Stormy Night
by Paichan13
pu-erh chorange, foxtrot, rooibos
photo of The Kind Hearted Hunter
The Kind Hearted Hunter
by Paichan13
almond oolong, chocolate chai, gunpowder