Laura Li Blends

photo of A Reluctant Gentleman
A Reluctant Gentleman
snowbud, white strawberry
photo of A Lady By Design
A Lady By Design
by Laura Li
apricot green, spiced green, cherry green
photo of An Unlikely Partnership
An Unlikely Partnership
by Laura Li
ginger, strawberry, apricot
photo of The Co-Conspirators
The Co-Conspirators
by Laura Li
earl grey moonlight, cream, passionfruit
photo of Aurora
by Laura Li
lapsang souchong, grapefruit, peach oolong
photo of Michigan Coastline
Michigan Coastline
by Laura Li
cream, vanilla, hazelnut
photo of Sunrise Almond
Sunrise Almond
by Laura Li
almond, cream, hazelnut
photo of The Professor's Fireside
The Professor's Fireside
Score: 99
by Laura Li
cinnamon, cream, hazelnut
photo of Very Berry Christmas
Very Berry Christmas
by Laura Li
christmas, currant, forest berries