JackLord Blends

photo of Catholicitea: Nativitea
Catholicitea: Nativitea
by Jacklord
almond, christmas
photo of Catholicitea: Good Friday
Catholicitea: Good Friday
by Jacklord
earl grey moonlight, summer rose
photo of Combatea: The Sarge
Combatea: The Sarge
by Jacklord
almond, blood orange
photo of Book 'em, Danno
Book 'em, Danno
hibiscus, rooibos tropics
photo of Steve and Danno
Steve and Danno
by Jacklord
hibiscus, white tropics
photo of The Man McGarrett
The Man McGarrett
by Jacklord
earl grey bravo, tiger eye
photo of Jack Bauer Dammit Blend
Jack Bauer Dammit Blend
by Jacklord
earl grey bravo, orange, hazelnut
photo of Kim Bauer Blend
Kim Bauer Blend
by Jacklord
ginger, vanilla oolong, white chai
photo of Nina Myers Traitor Blend
Nina Myers Traitor Blend
by Jacklord
ginger, blood orange, lemongrass
photo of Crime and Punishment
Crime and Punishment
by Jacklord
ceylon sonata, chocolate
photo of Literature Tea: Fahrenheit 451
Literature Tea: Fahrenheit 451
by Jacklord
ginger, spiced apple chai, cranberry
photo of The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden
by Jacklord
apricot green, chamomile, lemongrass
photo of The Great Gatsby Blend
The Great Gatsby Blend
by Jacklord
earl grey bravo, earl grey moonlight, earl grey lavender