Jules Blends

photo of Grey Lady
Grey Lady
by Jules
earl grey moonlight, blueberry, lemon soleil
photo of Pear
by Jules
vanilla oolong, white peony, white pear
photo of Snowflake
by Jules
coconut grove pouchong, almond oolong, vanilla oolong
photo of Twice a Day (Stilinski Style)
Twice a Day (Stilinski Style)
Score: 99
by Jules
caramel, rooibos cinnamon apple, honeybush apricot
photo of Coyote Pretty
Coyote Pretty
pu-erh dante, green rooibos bonita, thai chai
photo of Hot as Hale Fire
Hot as Hale Fire
by Jules
gunpowder, hojicha, spiced green
photo of Johnny Law
Johnny Law
Score: 99
by Jules
rooibos vanilla, berry blues, rooibos vanilla chai
photo of queen victoria
queen victoria
Score: 90
by Jules
hibiscus, dewy cherry, ginger
photo of Betp
by Jules
peach, peach bellini, lemon soleil
photo of Ceylon Mule
Ceylon Mule
by Jules
ginger, citrus mate, caramel
photo of Crabapple
by Jules
sour apple, candy apple, cranberry
photo of Irish Rose
Irish Rose
by Jules
forest berries, irish breakfast, chocolate
photo of la brioche
la brioche
Score: 99
by Jules
currant, cream, pu-erh hazelberry
photo of Muffin Top
Muffin Top
by Jules
honeybush banana nut, honeybush hazelnut, wild strawberry
photo of sad pumpkin
sad pumpkin
by Jules
christmas, pumpkin spice, hibiscus
photo of The Industry
The Industry
by Jules
pu-erh hazelberry, orange, vanilla