Querl Dox Blends

photo of Books and Armchair
Books and Armchair
Score: 99
by Querl Dox
honeybush vanilla, forest berries, vanilla oolong
photo of Derry-dol merry-dol my darling
Derry-dol merry-dol my darling
by Querl Dox
butterscotch, cream, honeybush
photo of Dreams
Score: 99
by Querl Dox
wild strawberry, cream, honeybush vanilla
photo of Folly
by Querl Dox
earl grey bravo, lapsang souchong, blood orange
photo of Foolish
by Querl Dox
tiger eye, honeybush chocolate, dewy cherry
photo of G
by Querl Dox
raspberry, strawberry, wild strawberry
photo of G2
by Querl Dox
peach, blackberry, cream
photo of G3
by Querl Dox
gunpowder, spearmint, peppermint
photo of G4
by Querl Dox
masala chai, rooibos vanilla chai, tiger eye
photo of Gangled Creature
Gangled Creature
by Querl Dox
gunpowder, spiced green, kukicha
photo of Greenleaf's Grove
Greenleaf's Grove
by Querl Dox
earl grey green, green rooibos citron, white peach
photo of Highest Quality
Highest Quality
by Querl Dox
earl grey moonlight, rooibos jasmine, white monkey
photo of Horse Master
Horse Master
by Querl Dox
yerba mate, assam melody, spiced mate
photo of Imladris' Autumn
Imladris' Autumn
by Querl Dox
spiced green, spiced mate
photo of King of Kings
King of Kings
by Querl Dox
lapsang souchong, masala chai, pu-erh spice
photo of Merry-maker
by Querl Dox
sour apple, toasted mate, candy apple
photo of Shieldmaiden
by Querl Dox
white peony, apricot green, lemongrass
photo of Son of Gloin
Son of Gloin
by Querl Dox
irish breakfast, almond, apricot
photo of The Brave
The Brave
gingerbread, pu-erh dante, spiced green
photo of The White Rider
The White Rider
by Querl Dox
white monkey, green rooibos, white pear
photo of The Worthy King
The Worthy King
by Querl Dox
ginger, oriental spice, citrus mate
photo of To me he was..
To me he was..
by Querl Dox
yerba mate, lapsang souchong, honeybush
photo of You Have No Power Here
You Have No Power Here
pu-erh dante, hojicha, ginseng green