Katrina K. Blends

photo of Canine Cup
Canine Cup
Score: 90
by Katrina K.
cream, vanilla, chestnut
photo of Hedgepig
Score: 99
by Katrina K.
wild strawberry, honeybush vanilla, green rooibos
photo of Red Panda Party
Red Panda Party
Score: 80
by Katrina K.
cherry green, rooibos lemon cloud
photo of Forest Flight
Forest Flight
Score: 80
by Katrina K.
pu-erh dante, kukicha
photo of Kit-Tea Cat
Kit-Tea Cat
by Katrina K.
peach oolong, green pekoe
photo of Yuletide Cheer
Yuletide Cheer
by Katrina K.
caramel, cream, chestnut
photo of Early Riser
Early Riser
by Katrina K.
earl grey moonlight, almond, gunpowder
photo of Idle Afternoon
Idle Afternoon
white cucumber, mango green, peppermint
photo of Mellow Twilight
Mellow Twilight
by Katrina K.
white peony, green rooibos
photo of Daily Grind
Daily Grind
by Katrina K.
lapsang souchong, irish breakfast, toasted mate