Alison Appenzellar Blends

photo of 'The air is full of spices'
'The air is full of spices'
by Alison Appe...
masala chai, orange, passionfruit
photo of Acme Act Cleaner-Upper
Acme Act Cleaner-Upper
by Alison Appe...
earl grey bravo, blood orange, passionfruit
photo of Caramellowing Out
Caramellowing Out
by Alison Appe...
caramel, cream
photo of Comfort for Miss Dashwood
Comfort for Miss Dashwood
by Alison Appe...
lemongrass, peppermint, chamomile
photo of Elizabeth Bennett's Dilemma
Elizabeth Bennett's Dilemma
Score: 99
by Alison Appe...
chocolate, peppermint, cream
photo of Fifter Blend
Fifter Blend
by Alison Appe...
chocolate chip, peppermint, vanilla
photo of Fifter Weekwend
Fifter Weekwend
by Alison Appe...
honeybush vanilla, cream
photo of In Lieu of Vacation, 2009
In Lieu of Vacation, 2009
by Alison Appe...
chocolate, coconut, caramel
photo of Java Wannabe
Java Wannabe
by Alison Appe...
caramel, hazelnut, vanilla
photo of Mahogany Mellow
Mahogany Mellow
by Alison Appe...
chocolate chai, caramel, cream
photo of Princess Blend
Princess Blend
by Alison Appe...
chocolate, strawberry, caramel
photo of Quirauk Comfort
Quirauk Comfort
by Alison Appe...
chocolate, hazelnut, honeybush vanilla
photo of Shirley's Special Tea
Shirley's Special Tea
by Alison Appe...
decaf apricot, chamomile, decaf strawberry
photo of Summer Reading Companion
Summer Reading Companion
by Alison Appe...
strawberry, coconut, cream
photo of The Perfect Thanksgiving
The Perfect Thanksgiving
by Alison Appe...
gingerbread, vanilla, pumpkin spice