Renee Parsons Blends

photo of Our Friend Chandler
Our Friend Chandler
Score: 99
by Renee Parsons
vanilla, blueberry, maple creme oolong
photo of Our Friend Joey
Our Friend Joey
by Renee Parsons
cream, vanilla, raspberry patch
photo of Our Friend Monica
Our Friend Monica
by Renee Parsons
cream, chocolate chip, vanilla oolong
photo of Marcel
Score: 99
by Renee Parsons
white monkey, lychee rose green, wild strawberry
photo of Our Friend Phoebe
Our Friend Phoebe
by Renee Parsons
tiger eye, summer rose
photo of Baby Suite
Baby Suite
by Renee Parsons
decaf raspberry, decaf strawberry, decaf vanilla
photo of Bourbon Ball Tea
Bourbon Ball Tea
by Renee Parsons
vanilla, chocolate chip, kentucky bourbon
photo of Fuzzy Raspberry
Fuzzy Raspberry
by Renee Parsons
white peach, raspberry patch, peach bellini
photo of Gunpowder and Candy Canes
Gunpowder and Candy Canes
by Renee Parsons
gunpowder, vanilla green
photo of Peppermint Patty
Peppermint Patty
by Renee Parsons
chocolate, vanilla, peppermint
photo of Red, White and Blue
Red, White and Blue
by Renee Parsons
strawberry, vanilla, blueberry
photo of Triple Berry
Triple Berry
Score: 90
by Renee Parsons
strawberry, blueberry, blackberry