ADAM LAMBERT by ArgylePirateWD

Here for your entertainment
Oh, you know, that guy with that voice? The one who gets to sing with Queen sometimes? Yeah, that awesome guy. [Note: I am not affiliated with Adam Lambert in any way. I'm just a fan of Adam and Adagio Teas.]

photo of For Your Entertainment
For Your Entertainment
by Argylepirat...
lapsang souchong, irish breakfast, chocolate chai
photo of Glambert
by Argylepirat...
lapsang souchong, vanilla, spearmint
photo of no trespassing
no trespassing
by Argylepirat...
green chai, gunpowder, blood orange
photo of Outlaws of Love
Outlaws of Love
by Argylepirat...
almond, cream, vanilla
photo of And I'm Feeling Good
And I'm Feeling Good
Score: 99
by Argylepirat...
citron green, spearmint, citrus mate
photo of Melvin
by Argylepirat...
cream, hazelnut, tiger eye
photo of Shady Lately
Shady Lately
by Argylepirat...
irish breakfast, chocolate chai, toasted mate
photo of strut
by Argylepirat...
mango, strawberry, chocolate chai
photo of Voodoo (Under Your Spell)
Voodoo (Under Your Spell)
by Argylepirat...
valentines, vanilla, masala chai
photo of Broken Open
Broken Open
by Argylepirat...
vanilla oolong, peach oolong, chamomile
photo of Can't Let You Go
Can't Let You Go
by Argylepirat...
caramel, vanilla, almond oolong
photo of Cuckoo
by Argylepirat...
ginseng green, cherry green, calypso green
photo of Fever
by Argylepirat...
green chai, cherry green, calypso green
photo of Underneath
by Argylepirat...
pu-erh dante, currant, mocha nut mate
photo of A Loaded Smile
A Loaded Smile
by Argylepirat...
cream, almond oolong, gunpowder
photo of Broken English
Broken English
by Argylepirat...
earl grey lavender, almond oolong, hojicha
photo of If I Had You...
If I Had You...
Score: 99
by Argylepirat...
rooibos, rooibos lemon cloud, green rooibos blueberry
photo of mad world
mad world
by Argylepirat...
currant, blackberry, hojicha
photo of Ring of Fire
Ring of Fire
by Argylepirat...
lapsang souchong, orange, masala chai
photo of Runnin
by Argylepirat...
irish breakfast, earl grey lavender, tiger eye
photo of Slow Ride
Slow Ride
by Argylepirat...
irish breakfast, raspberry, masala chai
photo of Soaked
by Argylepirat...
vanilla, blackberry, pomegranate
photo of Aftermath
by Argylepirat...
spearmint, rooibos vanilla, honeybush chocolate
photo of Aftermath Remix
Aftermath Remix
by Argylepirat...
cocomint green, vanilla green, spearmint
photo of Better Than I Know Myself
Better Than I Know Myself
by Argylepirat...
white pear, lemongrass, spearmint
photo of by the rules
by the rules
by Argylepirat...
pu-erh tahiti, cream, pina colada
photo of freaky intangible
freaky intangible
by Argylepirat...
thai chai, ginseng green, spiced mate
photo of how do we take back...
how do we take back...
by Argylepirat...
blackberry, hibiscus, grapefruit
photo of Imma Pick U Up, Imma Pick U Up
Imma Pick U Up, Imma Pick U Up
by Argylepirat...
earl grey green, yerba mate, watermelon cooler
photo of Kickin' In
Kickin' In
by Argylepirat...
vanilla oolong, citrus mate, rooibos lemon cloud
photo of Map
by Argylepirat...
vanilla oolong, white blueberry, white strawberry
photo of Master Plan
Master Plan
by Argylepirat...
masala chai, toasted mate, rooibos orange
photo of Melvin Lite
Melvin Lite
by Argylepirat...
almond, cream, tiger eye
photo of Naked Love!
Naked Love!
by Argylepirat...
white tangerine, white tropics, white eternal spring
photo of Never Close Our Eyes
Never Close Our Eyes
by Argylepirat...
white eternal spring, lemongrass, citrus mate
photo of No Boundaries
No Boundaries
by Argylepirat...
coconut, chocolate chai, peppermint
photo of Pop That Lock
Pop That Lock
by Argylepirat...
passionfruit, thai chai, mango mate
photo of Sleepwalker
by Argylepirat...
berry blues, rooibos earl grey, green rooibos
photo of Sure Fire Winners
Sure Fire Winners
by Argylepirat...
thai chai, mango melange, citrus mate
photo of The Tracks of My Tears
The Tracks of My Tears
by Argylepirat...
chamomile, rooibos almond, rooibos earl grey
photo of Time for Miracles
Time for Miracles
by Argylepirat...
earl grey bravo, black cherry, vanilla
photo of want your chokehold
want your chokehold
by Argylepirat...
lapsang souchong, chocolate, currant
photo of Whataya Want From Tea?
Whataya Want From Tea?
by Argylepirat...
rooibos orange, honeybush hazelnut, decaf vanilla
photo of whole lotta love (acoustic)
whole lotta love (acoustic)
by Argylepirat...
vanilla oolong, almond oolong, rooibos caramel


photo of In Nirvana
In Nirvana
white pear, white cucumber, peppermint
photo of Lay Me Down
Lay Me Down
mandarin green, spiced green, peppermint
photo of Music Again
Music Again
white peony, white cucumber, white strawberry