Confections by Rachel B

A collection of teas that taste just like dessert! Fill your pantry with these and you're safe to browse buzzfeed's sweets videos without feeling too jealous.

photo of Chocolate Covered Cherry
Chocolate Covered Cherry
Score: 90
by Rachel B
chocolate chip, dewy cherry, honeybush chocolate
photo of Blue Raspberry
Blue Raspberry
Score: 80
by Rachel B
raspberry, raspberry patch, green rooibos citron
photo of Chocolate Lovers Chai
Chocolate Lovers Chai
by Rachel B
mambo, chocolate chai, honeybush chocolate
photo of chocolate nut bar
chocolate nut bar
Score: 99
by Rachel B
mocha nut mate, honeybush chocolate, chestnut
photo of Tutti-frooti
by Rachel B
apricot green, green rooibos blueberry, candy apple