R AND D by Neko Gerdes

Drink at your own risk!
I haven't gotten around to actually making a cup yet, but needed to capture these ideas. If you try it before I do, I would appreciate your input!

photo of Apple Ginger
Apple Ginger
by Neko Gerdes
ginger, sour apple
photo of Hibiscus Mint
Hibiscus Mint
Score: 90
by Neko Gerdes
hibiscus, spearmint
photo of Nuts and Berries
Nuts and Berries
Score: 90
by Neko Gerdes
currant, forest berries, hazelnut
photo of apple razz
apple razz
by Neko Gerdes
raspberry green, spearmint, sour apple
photo of Candied Apricot
Candied Apricot
by Neko Gerdes
rooibos, rooibos caramel, rooibos peach
photo of Grey Rose
Grey Rose
by Neko Gerdes
earl grey moonlight, summer rose
photo of chamomile citrus
chamomile citrus
by Neko Gerdes
chamomile, citrus mate
photo of khanom chan
khanom chan
by Neko Gerdes
kukicha, vanilla green


photo of Spiced Mandarin
Spiced Mandarin
mandarin green, spiced green