PRINCE(SS) DELICACY TEAS by Lee Something or Another

Teas for the more nostaglic moments in life.
Hear ye. hear ye, In many kingdoms across the world, many children undergo a ritual in which older family members read them a magical tale. One that takes them over sides, reeling through lands of wonder, magic and tyranny. These are the teas inspired by the books and stories the later inspired Walt Disney himself.

photo of New Orleans Palace
New Orleans Palace
Score: 93
by Lee Somethi...
cream, rooibos vanilla chai, pumpkin spice
photo of A Bear's Necessities
A Bear's Necessities
Score: 99
by Lee Somethi...
blood orange, lemongrass, raspberry patch
photo of Poison Apple
Poison Apple
Score: 99
by Lee Somethi...
irish breakfast, spiced apple chai, chestnut
photo of unbirthday nightcap
unbirthday nightcap
by Lee Somethi...
foxtrot, spearmint, honeybush
photo of Bleu Skies and Sunshine
Bleu Skies and Sunshine
by Lee Somethi...
summer rose, green rooibos bonita


photo of Neverland
snowbud, berry blast, wild strawberry