Making Magic by Cameron Kilchrist

Making Magic: Teas Inspired by Paganism and Witchcraft
A tea line for Wiccans, Pagans, practitioners of the Craft, and everyone who embraces the magic of life. These blends are inspired by the various Pagan holidays, elements of witchcraft and spellcasting, the phases of the moon, and select intentions for manifestation, as well as any other ideas I happen to conjure up. If you have any suggestions or recommendations for things you'd like to see here, please let me know!

photo of Grounding
Score: 99
by Cameron Kil...
irish breakfast, earl grey moonlight, caramel
photo of Imbolc
by Cameron Kil...
white blueberry, pomegranate green, honeybush
photo of Ostara
by Cameron Kil...
white peony, white eternal spring, apricot green
photo of Research
by Cameron Kil...
almond, hojicha, yerba mate
photo of Yule
by Cameron Kil...
assam melody, christmas, butterscotch