IntroverTeas by Kai Two Feathers Orton

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Introverts unite over a cup of tea!... but over there...away from each other...or maybe because we are all online anyways. You will find a diverse selection of teas aimed to please- from complex and soothing green teas, to cozy and comforting Earl Grey or Chai blends, to earthy toasty mates, to herbal fruity-licious teas. This assorted set of tea blends has been curated with the introverted techie and gamer in mind. Part of the proceeds will support Women and Non-Binary technologists through <3

photo of Dont Tickle the Dragon
Dont Tickle the Dragon
by Kai Two fea...
blood orange, dragon fruit dream
photo of AntiSocialSocialClub MeeTeaing
AntiSocialSocialClub MeeTeaing
by Kai Two fea...
earl grey bravo, earl grey moonlight
photo of Our Party is Full
Our Party is Full
by Kai Two fea...
cocomint green, vanilla green, spearmint
photo of All My Friends Are Online
All My Friends Are Online
by Kai Two fea...
chocolate chai, masala chai, thai chai
photo of Leeroy Jenkins is my Mate
Leeroy Jenkins is my Mate
by Kai Two fea...
toasted mate, spiced mate
photo of My Money Dont JiggleJiggle
My Money Dont JiggleJiggle
by Kai Two fea...
gunpowder, spiced green