Four Tea'sons by Emily Tauriel

Care for a cuppa Four Tea'sons?
Four seasons, four teas. Fruity florals represent an eternal spring. Spicy masala chai is sweetened by vanilla, representing the summer heat. Minty flavors combine with chocolate in a lovely green tea form, perfect for a fall afternoon. Earl grey moonlight blends with lavender, coconut, and cream, creating the perfect tea for warming up on a chilly winter night.

photo of Winter Solace
Winter Solace
by Emily Tauriel
earl grey moonlight, earl grey lavender, cream
photo of Blooming Love
Blooming Love
by Emily Tauriel
white peach, white eternal spring, dewy cherry
photo of Inner Fire
Inner Fire
by Emily Tauriel
cream, vanilla, masala chai
photo of Secrets of the Forest
Secrets of the Forest
by Emily Tauriel
cocomint green, vanilla green