BORDERLANDS by Mitch Mitchell

Get Ready to go tea crazy!
Some crazy creative teas inspired by the Borderlands video games.

photo of Angelic White
Angelic White
Score: 97
by Mitch Mitch...
vanilla oolong, peach oolong, white pear
photo of Tiny Tina's Naptime
Tiny Tina's Naptime
Score: 87
by Mitch Mitch...
rooibos vanilla, rooibos earl grey, rooibos jasmine
photo of Dr. Zed's Medkit
Dr. Zed's Medkit
Score: 83
by Mitch Mitch...
chamomile, peppermint, rooibos jasmine
photo of gaige and deathtrap
gaige and deathtrap
Score: 92
by Mitch Mitch...
chocolate, candy apple
photo of Mad Miss Moxxi
Mad Miss Moxxi
Score: 90
by Mitch Mitch...
valentines, vanilla, tiger eye
photo of Zer0 Tolerance
Zer0 Tolerance
Score: 95
by Mitch Mitch...
white peony, ginseng green, pomegranate green
photo of CL4P-TP
by Mitch Mitch...
pu-erh dante, almond, tiger eye
photo of maya's elemental singularity
maya's elemental singularity
Score: 99
by Mitch Mitch...
peach, strawberry, blackberry
photo of Sir Hammerlock's Manly Musk
Sir Hammerlock's Manly Musk
Score: 90
by Mitch Mitch...
irish breakfast, tiger eye, summer rose
photo of they see me roland
they see me roland
Score: 95
by Mitch Mitch...
gunpowder, cocomint green, vanilla green