Endangered Livestock by Loch Nest Farm

Each tea in this collection honors an animal listed by the American Livestock Conservancy as threatened or endangered, and a percentage of the purchase price supports that organization.

photo of Cotton Patch Goose
Cotton Patch Goose
by Loch nest F...
peach, white chai
photo of Cayuga Duck
Cayuga Duck
by Loch nest F...
lapsang souchong, vanilla, blackberry
photo of Milking Devon Cattle
Milking Devon Cattle
by Loch nest F...
cinnamon, cream
photo of American Cream Draft Horse
American Cream Draft Horse
Score: 99
by Loch nest F...
maple creme oolong, chestnut
photo of Holland Chicken
Holland Chicken
by Loch nest F...
apricot, white pear
photo of American Mammoth Jackstock
American Mammoth Jackstock
by Loch nest F...
assam melody, gingerbread
photo of Beltsville Small White Turkey
Beltsville Small White Turkey
by Loch nest F...
white peony, berry blast, blood orange
photo of Choctaw Hog
Choctaw Hog
by Loch nest F...
irish breakfast, toasted mate, pumpkin spice
photo of Gulf Coast Sheep
Gulf Coast Sheep
by Loch nest F...
pina colada, green rooibos key west
photo of Heritage Farmer
Heritage Farmer
by Loch nest F...
ceylon sonata, blueberry, watermelon cooler
photo of San Clemente Island Goat
San Clemente Island Goat
by Loch nest F...
pu-erh dante, chocolate chip, candy cane
photo of Silver Marten Rabbit
Silver Marten Rabbit
by Loch nest F...
earl grey lavender, chamomile, lemongrass