Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 by Megan Hash

photo of anatole is hot
anatole is hot
by Megan Hash
earl grey bravo, cream, green rooibos bonita
photo of dolokhov is fierce
dolokhov is fierce
by Megan Hash
lapsang souchong, gunpowder, toasted mate
photo of helene, queen of high society
helene, queen of high society
by Megan Hash
pu-erh spice, caramel, mocha nut mate
photo of marya is old school
marya is old school
by Megan Hash
fiery cinnamon spice, hojicha, decaf spice
photo of natasha is young
natasha is young
by Megan Hash
earl grey moonlight, white chai, white peony
photo of sonya is good
sonya is good
by Megan Hash
summer rose, white strawberry, white eternal spring
photo of what about pierre?
what about pierre?
by Megan Hash
assam melody, lapsang souchong, chestnut