Blood and Magic by A.K. Stephens

These teas are inspired by the teas or characters found in my urban fantasy series, Blood and Magic. While the series is yet to be published, I'm planning on getting to that very soon! I hope you enjoy these teas and that they help prepare you to enter my world.

photo of The Flaming Queen
The Flaming Queen
Score: 99
by A.k. Stephens
vanilla, summer rose
photo of Ariana's Sleepy Tonic
Ariana's Sleepy Tonic
by A.k. Stephens
chamomile, spearmint, green rooibos blueberry
photo of The Beastmaster
The Beastmaster
by A.k. Stephens
pu-erh chorange, pu-erh spice, toasted mate
photo of The Eternal Teenager
The Eternal Teenager
by A.k. Stephens
white strawberry, fruit medley, citrus mate
photo of The Kingslayer
The Kingslayer
by A.k. Stephens
black cherry, chocolate, tiger eye
photo of The Parisian Painter
The Parisian Painter
by A.k. Stephens
white peony, pomegranate green, lychee rose green
photo of The Rockstar
The Rockstar
by A.k. Stephens
mambo, pu-erh tahiti
photo of The Romantic Fop
The Romantic Fop
by A.k. Stephens
lapsang souchong, valentines, vanilla
photo of The Witch's Favorite
The Witch's Favorite
by A.k. Stephens
irish breakfast, cream, vanilla
photo of The Sovereign
The Sovereign
by A.k. Stephens
mambo, pu-erh dante