Tudorific Tea by G T

Tudor Today and Tudor Tomorrow
A delightful regency inspired tudor based tea of Queen of the past.

photo of The Green Queen
The Green Queen
by G T
strawberry, white pear, lychee rose green
photo of The Favorite Queen
The Favorite Queen
by G T
white eternal spring, raspberry patch, cranberry
photo of Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary
by G T
earl grey moonlight, black cherry, blood orange
photo of Clever Queen
Clever Queen
by G T
assam melody, chili lime green, honeybush
photo of Pomegranate Queen
Pomegranate Queen
by G T
cinnamon, pomegranate, summer rose
photo of Queen Without Thorns
Queen Without Thorns
by G T
summer rose, white peony, white strawberry
photo of The Final Queen
The Final Queen
by G T
cream, forest berries, lemon soleil