Tian Guan Ci Fu by Bjorn

Heaven Official's Blessing // Tian Guan Ci Fu // Eternal Faith
Unofficial TGCF tea blends! If you don't see your favorite character here, DM me on discord @bjorn#2581 and I'll see about adding them <3

photo of Hua Cheng
Hua Cheng
by Bjorn
almond, black cherry, vanilla oolong
photo of Xie Lian
Xie Lian
by Bjorn
vanilla, white pear, chestnut
photo of He Xuan
He Xuan
by Bjorn
lapsang souchong, pomegranate, kukicha
photo of Ling Wen
Ling Wen
by Bjorn
earl grey moonlight, almond, cream
photo of Shi Qingxuan
Shi Qingxuan
by Bjorn
cream, blueberry, summer rose
photo of Yushi Huang
Yushi Huang
by Bjorn
peach oolong, chamomile
photo of Mu Qing
Mu Qing
by Bjorn
mambo, maple creme oolong, vanilla green
photo of Qi Rong
Qi Rong
by Bjorn
kukicha, lychee rose green, sour apple
photo of Bai Wuxiang
Bai Wuxiang
by Bjorn
white eternal spring, gunpowder, white monkey
photo of Feng Xin
Feng Xin
by Bjorn
pu-erh spice, vanilla, gunpowder
photo of Pei Ming
Pei Ming
by Bjorn
caramel, tiger eye, masala chai