Hyrule Tea Merchants by Carolyn

Hyrule's finest teas -- you won't find better!
Sip your way through Hyrule with this tea collection, from Ordon Village to Lake Hylia and every place in between.

photo of Ordon Village Spring Blend
Ordon Village Spring Blend
by Carolyn
kukicha, spiced green, wild strawberry
photo of Princess Blend
Princess Blend
by Carolyn
lapsang souchong, earl grey lavender, vanilla oolong
photo of Castle Town Blend
Castle Town Blend
by Carolyn
summer rose, thai chai, lavender lemon
photo of Ordon Village Autumn Blend
Ordon Village Autumn Blend
by Carolyn
honeybush pumpkin chai, pumpkin spice, chestnut
photo of Goron Supreme Blend
Goron Supreme Blend
by Carolyn
irish breakfast, mocha nut mate, cranberry
photo of Telma Special Blend
Telma Special Blend
by Carolyn
chamomile, peppermint, turmeric bliss
photo of Zora Preferred Blend
Zora Preferred Blend
by Carolyn
pu-erh chorange, pu-erh tahiti, dragon fruit dream