Macabre Teas by Count R.J. Von Dracula

For some of us, it's Halloween everyday
A macabre collection of blends for the strange and unusual

photo of Feast of Krampusnacht
Feast of Krampusnacht
Score: 93
by Count r.j. ...
ginger, maple creme oolong, gingerbread
photo of All Hallows
All Hallows
Score: 99
by Count r.j. ...
tiger eye, honeybush vanilla, pumpkin spice
photo of Baphomet's Brew
Baphomet's Brew
by Count r.j. ...
irish breakfast, cream, vanilla
photo of La Muerte
La Muerte
by Count r.j. ...
cream, chocolate chip, fiery cinnamon spice
photo of Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror
Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror
by Count r.j. ...
cream, pomegranate, blood orange
photo of Witch's Brew
Witch's Brew
by Count r.j. ...
cream, chocolate chai, honeybush pumpkin chai
photo of Wolf Moon Spell
Wolf Moon Spell
by Count r.j. ...
earl grey moonlight, coconut, cream
photo of Doctor's Delight Plague Elixir
Doctor's Delight Plague Elixir
by Count r.j. ...
cream, valentines, vanilla
photo of Danse Macabre
Danse Macabre
by Count r.j. ...
caramel, cream, vanilla
photo of Scary Night Clown
Scary Night Clown
by Count r.j. ...
chocolate chip, decaf raspberry, decaf vanilla
photo of Flight of The Witch
Flight of The Witch
by Count r.j. ...
caramel, cinnamon, candy apple
photo of CorpsePaint
by Count r.j. ...
cocomint green, vanilla green, peppermint