Twerps of Teatime by Parish Gray

We're terrible at problem solving, and yet we still live
Made for my DnD group to represent all of our characters both in current, past, and future campaigns! This was made just for fun, but critiques and suggestions are welcome! (All art is made by me unless mentioned otherwise in the description of each blend, and I can give out my DnD twitter for those who are interested)

photo of Guiding Whispers
Guiding Whispers
Score: 99
by Parish Gray
pu-erh tahiti, passionfruit, lychee rose green
photo of Dwarven Protection
Dwarven Protection
by Parish Gray
ginseng green, rooibos lemon cloud
photo of Estil
by Parish Gray
cream, blackberry, white blueberry
photo of Genasi Rejuvenation
Genasi Rejuvenation
by Parish Gray
white blueberry, watermelon cooler, honeybush
photo of Halfling Twin A
Halfling Twin A
by Parish Gray
cinnamon, chocolate chai
photo of Kanaster of Orange
Kanaster of Orange
by Parish Gray
cream, lemon soleil, apricot green
photo of Kanaster of Red
Kanaster of Red
by Parish Gray
ceylon sonata, ginseng green, candy apple
photo of Natures Ward
Natures Ward
Score: 99
by Parish Gray
earl grey lavender, forest berries, honeybush
photo of Shadow Lore
Shadow Lore
Score: 99
by Parish Gray
white eternal spring, foxtrot
photo of Sorcerer of the Opera
Sorcerer of the Opera
Score: 99
by Parish Gray
fiery cinnamon spice, rooibos caramel, pumpkin spice
photo of Appleroot
by Parish Gray
cherry green, candy apple
photo of Boroftkrah Blend
Boroftkrah Blend
by Parish Gray
valentines, honeybush vanilla
photo of Burning Hands
Burning Hands
by Parish Gray
cinnamon, cream, chocolate chai
photo of Clawblood Regality
Clawblood Regality
by Parish Gray
orange, hibiscus, pomegranate green
photo of Cleric Idol
Cleric Idol
by Parish Gray
strawberry, hibiscus
photo of Dhampir Blood
Dhampir Blood
by Parish Gray
passionfruit, valentines, summer rose
photo of Divine Smite
Divine Smite
by Parish Gray
chocolate chai, mocha nut mate, candy cane
photo of Dragons Warlock
Dragons Warlock
by Parish Gray
orange, pomegranate, spiced mate
photo of Forest Fae
Forest Fae
by Parish Gray
strawberry, cherry green, raspberry patch
photo of Golden Patron
Golden Patron
by Parish Gray
caramel, almond oolong, candy apple
photo of Guiding Key
Guiding Key
by Parish Gray
earl grey moonlight, almond, sour apple
photo of Halfling Twin B
Halfling Twin B
by Parish Gray
white blueberry, white pear
photo of Kanaster of Yellow
Kanaster of Yellow
by Parish Gray
white pear, chamomile, candy cane
photo of Menamoon
by Parish Gray
gunpowder, cherry green
photo of Orange Yam Tea
Orange Yam Tea
by Parish Gray
masala chai, blood orange, honeybush
photo of Paige-Turner
by Parish Gray
forest berries, blackberry, berry blast
photo of Parrot Shifter
Parrot Shifter
by Parish Gray
mango green, calypso green, pina colada
photo of R.A.M.
by Parish Gray
gunpowder, hojicha
photo of Rival Bard
Rival Bard
by Parish Gray
peach, hibiscus, green rooibos citron
photo of Rugarth
by Parish Gray
assam melody, ceylon sonata, apricot
photo of Sorcerer Detective
Sorcerer Detective
by Parish Gray
earl grey bravo, cream, turmeric bliss
photo of Stronhhammers Morality
Stronhhammers Morality
by Parish Gray
irish breakfast, cinnamon
photo of The Mistles Toe
The Mistles Toe
by Parish Gray
white chai, spiced mate
photo of Travellers Relief
Travellers Relief
by Parish Gray
white monkey, lemongrass, yerba mate
photo of Yandere Rogue
Yandere Rogue
by Parish Gray
butterscotch, pumpkin spice, chestnut