Dragon Age by Fairfax Leasee

Dragon Age
Tea blends inspired by Dragon Age

photo of Cassia Hawke
Cassia Hawke
by Fairfax Lea...
chocolate chai, honeybush vanilla, candy cane
photo of Lion of the Inquisition
Lion of the Inquisition
Score: 99
by Fairfax Lea...
earl grey lavender, cream, blackberry
photo of Lyrium Ghost
Lyrium Ghost
by Fairfax Lea...
pu-erh spice, cinnamon, gingerbread
photo of Lyta Adaar
Lyta Adaar
Score: 99
by Fairfax Lea...
cream, white pear, white strawberry
photo of Amelia Mac Tir
Amelia Mac Tir
by Fairfax Lea...
oriental spice, almond oolong, gingerbread
photo of Ancient Sorrows
Ancient Sorrows
by Fairfax Lea...
rooibos vanilla chai, lychee rose green, berry blues
photo of Antivas Finest
Antivas Finest
by Fairfax Lea...
almond, caramel, decaf hazelnut cinnamon creme
photo of Ayala Trevelyan
Ayala Trevelyan
by Fairfax Lea...
cream, white strawberry, lychee rose green
photo of King of Ferelden
King of Ferelden
by Fairfax Lea...
currant, hazelnut, summer rose
photo of Starkhavens Scion
Starkhavens Scion
by Fairfax Lea...
fiery cinnamon spice, white peony, white eternal spring
photo of Theron Mahariel
Theron Mahariel
by Fairfax Lea...
pu-erh dante, sour apple, decaf spice