Adventurers Guild by Emily G

A tea blend series for various Dungeons and Dragons characters.

photo of Watchfire
by Emily G
irish breakfast, spiced green, foxtrot
photo of Golden Shadow
Golden Shadow
by Emily G
pu-erh spice, tiger eye, green chai
photo of Silkwing
by Emily G
lapsang souchong, currant, summer rose
photo of Stormeater
by Emily G
mambo, pu-erh spice, turmeric bliss
photo of Horizon Sunset
Horizon Sunset
by Emily G
oriental spice, thai chai, peach bellini
photo of Moonflower
by Emily G
blackberry, chamomile, lavender lemon
photo of Queen of Thieves
Queen of Thieves
by Emily G
forest berries, gunpowder, toasted mate
photo of Toll the Dead
Toll the Dead
by Emily G
white peony, white pear, gunpowder
photo of Divine Insight
Divine Insight
by Emily G
earl grey lavender, pu-erh chorange, white chai
photo of Early Riser
Early Riser
by Emily G
tiger eye, masala chai, turmeric bliss
photo of Time Warp
Time Warp
by Emily G
cream, lemon soleil, green rooibos blueberry