Hazbin Hotel (Fanmade!) by Red Rarebit

Hazbin Hotel Fan-Blends!
NONE OF THIS IS OFFICIAL. All made as Fans having Fun! Enjoy.

photo of Big Daddy Apple
Big Daddy Apple
by Red Rarebit
pu-erh dante, fiery cinnamon spice, candy apple
photo of Charming Demon Belle
Charming Demon Belle
by Red Rarebit
summer rose, candy apple
photo of Strawberry Pimp
Strawberry Pimp
by Red Rarebit
pu-erh spice, currant, chestnut
photo of Addictive Cuppa
Addictive Cuppa
by Red Rarebit
almond, strawberry, hibiscus
photo of Video Boy
Video Boy
by Red Rarebit
orange, lemon soleil, peppermint
photo of Bomb Gal
Bomb Gal
by Red Rarebit
black cherry, fiery cinnamon spice
photo of Cracking good
Cracking good
by Red Rarebit
vanilla, tiger eye
photo of Grey Spear
Grey Spear
by Red Rarebit
almond, vanilla, butterscotch
photo of Incy Wincy
Incy Wincy
by Red Rarebit
mambo, pu-erh dante, ginger
photo of Moth Pimp
Moth Pimp
by Red Rarebit
black cherry, chocolate, hibiscus
photo of Snake Oil
Snake Oil
by Red Rarebit
pu-erh dante, toasted mate, spiced mate
photo of Static Airwaves
Static Airwaves
by Red Rarebit
pu-erh dante, yerba mate, chestnut
photo of This bigger darling
This bigger darling
by Red Rarebit
assam melody, irish breakfast, tiger eye
photo of This Little Darling
This Little Darling
by Red Rarebit
black cherry, passionfruit, lemon soleil
photo of Velvet Slice
Velvet Slice
by Red Rarebit
chocolate, cream, raspberry