Deck of Many Teas by Mango Johnston

A collection of DnD teas based upon the characters they depict. Roll Initiative or cast Calm Emotions, whatever you choose, these teas will put Fate on your side.

photo of Delilah
by Mango Johns...
blueberry, vanilla, white blueberry
photo of Dragons Belly
Dragons Belly
by Mango Johns...
vanilla oolong, raspberry patch, chamomile
photo of Nevermore
by Mango Johns...
white pear, honeybush vanilla, cream
photo of Alone Together
Alone Together
by Mango Johns...
vanilla, orange, white tangerine
photo of Neverember
by Mango Johns...
white pear, ginger, almond
photo of Phillipe
by Mango Johns...
pu-erh chorange, chocolate, orange
photo of Sycamore
by Mango Johns...
gingerbread, maple creme oolong, honeybush
photo of Perch
by Mango Johns...
apricot, hazelnut, tiger eye
photo of Petrichor
by Mango Johns...
butterscotch, hazelnut, vanilla oolong
photo of Lemon Queen
Lemon Queen
by Mango Johns...
rooibos lemon cloud, lavender lemon, lemongrass
photo of Strange Magic
Strange Magic
by Mango Johns...
mango, white peony, passionfruit tango