Exeter By Night Character Teas by Mama Gio

Strong Narrative Choices, the TikTok based Larp
The personalities and characters of Exeter by Night, brought to you in leaf form. Signature blends created by Mama Giovanni of Exeter, with full input of flavor from the players themselves. "So...what do you taste like?" as a question never ended up turning out so well.

photo of Charlie
by Mama Gio
butterscotch, candy apple, vanilla
photo of Delilah
by Mama Gio
cream, valentines, vanilla
photo of Judas
by Mama Gio
gunpowder, white eternal spring, kukicha
photo of Milo
by Mama Gio
chestnut, chamomile, honeybush pumpkin chai
photo of Damon
by Mama Gio
decaf raspberry, decaf strawberry, decaf vanilla
photo of Jocelyn OSullivan
Jocelyn OSullivan
Score: 99
by Mama Gio
passionfruit, chocolate, blood orange
photo of Magnus
by Mama Gio
mango melange, spearmint
photo of Rose
by Mama Gio
gunpowder, lychee rose green, toasted mate
photo of Shiloh
by Mama Gio
vanilla, cream, cinnamon
photo of Carver
by Mama Gio
ginseng green, mango green, cherry green
photo of Clint
by Mama Gio
chestnut, raspberry patch, honeybush hazelnut
photo of Father Callahan
Father Callahan
by Mama Gio
gunpowder, peppermint, almond
photo of Pierce Cross
Pierce Cross
by Mama Gio
hibiscus, lemongrass, black cherry
photo of Reggie
by Mama Gio
sour apple, blood orange
photo of Dr. Carrie
Dr. Carrie
by Mama Gio
ginger, lemon soleil
photo of Lia Payne
Lia Payne
by Mama Gio
lavender lemon, earl grey lavender, vanilla
photo of Mama Liliana Giovanni
Mama Liliana Giovanni
by Mama Gio
chocolate chai pu-erh, fiery cinnamon spice, orange
photo of Morgan
by Mama Gio
summer rose, vanilla, gunpowder
photo of Station Master Rosie
Station Master Rosie
by Mama Gio
citrus mint green, hibiscus, lavender lemon
photo of Clara Von-Esson
Clara Von-Esson
by Mama Gio
cream, orange, spiced apple chai
photo of Exekyel
by Mama Gio
hibiscus, orange, currant
photo of Jason Waide
Jason Waide
by Mama Gio
spearmint, raspberry patch, honeybush
photo of Josie
by Mama Gio
blood orange, spearmint, honeybush vanilla
photo of Kit Byrne
Kit Byrne
by Mama Gio
irish breakfast, gunpowder, masala chai
photo of Santino Giovanni
Santino Giovanni
by Mama Gio
almond, blackberry, cream


photo of Patrick OBrian
Patrick OBrian
fiery cinnamon spice, cream