Mouth Smash by Emily Tauriel

Tea blends courtesy of the Mouth Smash Adventurer's Guild!
You arrive at the tavern after a long day of completing quests and having grand adventures. The local bard strums a tune while the tantalizing aroma of roasted meat and ale drifts in the air. Your tired bones are sore and in need of a warm drink and a warmer bed. The innkeeper wipes a glass with a worn rag and turns to you as you take a seat at the bar. "What'll it be, stranger?"

photo of Arlyn Pumanath
Arlyn Pumanath
by Emily Tauriel
earl grey moonlight, cream, blackberry
photo of Fikozz “Fizzy” Spannerwizzle
Fikozz “Fizzy” Spannerwizzle
by Emily Tauriel
cream, hazelnut, maple creme oolong
photo of Peck of Templetown
Peck of Templetown
by Emily Tauriel
ceylon sonata, cream, currant
photo of Chloe
by Emily Tauriel
cream, hazelnut, mocha nut mate
photo of Mercia
by Emily Tauriel
caramel, cream, spiced apple chai
photo of Blue Dress
Blue Dress
by Emily Tauriel
white blueberry, berry blues, dragon fruit dream
photo of Faenir
by Emily Tauriel
tiger eye, masala chai, chestnut
photo of Sariel Meliamne
Sariel Meliamne
by Emily Tauriel
forest berries, tiger eye, almond oolong