Haunting Miss Trentwoods teapot by Belinda / Binaebi

Left to maintain the family property alone in the English countryside, Mary quickly learns father knows best... even after death.
This tea series is a fandom for Belinda Kroll's HAUNTING MISS TRENTWOOD, a cozy gothic romance with a humorous ghost, incredulous romantic interest, and witty yet shy heroine.

photo of London Foggiest
London Foggiest
by Belinda / b...
earl grey moonlight, earl grey lavender
photo of Hartwell
by Belinda / b...
earl grey bravo
photo of Mary Trentwood
Mary Trentwood
by Belinda / b...
earl grey moonlight, blackberry
photo of Trentwood's Ghost
Trentwood's Ghost
by Belinda / b...
white chai, honeybush vanilla