Crossroads fandom by Denise Davis

Crossroads fandom
This is the tea to drink with all the Crossroads fandoms.

photo of Turduken Beam
Turduken Beam
Score: 95
by Denise Davis
currant, vanilla, cream
photo of Shade Tea
Shade Tea
by Denise Davis
peach, peach oolong, peach bellini
photo of Winkys Nundu Tea
Winkys Nundu Tea
by Denise Davis
blood orange, mango melange, passionfruit tango
photo of Mothership
by Denise Davis
earl grey moonlight, gunpowder
photo of Crossroads & Junk
Crossroads & Junk
Score: 90
by Denise Davis
almond oolong, vanilla green
photo of Dishonor on your cow Heifer Te
Dishonor on your cow Heifer Te
by Denise Davis
peach oolong, white monkey, hibiscus
photo of Dobby's Volcano
Dobby's Volcano
by Denise Davis
passionfruit, pomegranate, dragon fruit dream
photo of FallenIron
by Denise Davis
pu-erh tahiti, coconut, tiger eye
photo of The Sin Bin
The Sin Bin
by Denise Davis
rooibos cinnamon apple, foxtrot
photo of Watch Party
Watch Party
by Denise Davis
ceylon sonata, chocolate chip, cream
photo of Fandom Brouhaha
Fandom Brouhaha
by Denise Davis
chamomile, apricot, summer rose
photo of Arr! grass
Arr! grass
by Denise Davis
lemongrass, ginger