FIREFLY by Amy Zen

Burn the land and boil the tea
You can't take the sky from me.

photo of Captain Mal
Captain Mal
Score: 95
by Amy Zen
chocolate chip, almond oolong, blood orange
photo of Serenitea
Score: 96
by Amy Zen
hazelnut, gunpowder, spearmint
photo of zoe
Score: 97
by Amy Zen
caramel, cinnamon, masala chai
photo of River Tam
River Tam
Score: 96
by Amy Zen
vanilla, summer rose, earl grey green
photo of Inara
Score: 95
by Amy Zen
assam melody, oriental spice, thai chai
photo of Jayne Cobb
Jayne Cobb
Score: 96
by Amy Zen
lapsang souchong, tiger eye, candy cane
photo of Kaylee
Score: 96
by Amy Zen
cream, valentines, wild strawberry
photo of Wash
Score: 98
by Amy Zen
earl grey lavender, coconut, rooibos caramel
photo of Shepard Book
Shepard Book
Score: 92
by Amy Zen
lemongrass, berry blues, rooibos lemon cloud
photo of Simon Tam
Simon Tam
Score: 93
by Amy Zen
cream, peach oolong, gingerbread