Ego Farm by Dee T.

Teas based off of Markiplier Egos.

photo of Unus Annus
Unus Annus
by Dee T.
assam melody, pomegranate, white eternal spring
photo of Yancy
by Dee T.
irish breakfast, cream, spiced green
photo of Actor Mark
Actor Mark
by Dee T.
valentines, vanilla, hibiscus
photo of Captain Magnum
Captain Magnum
by Dee T.
pu-erh tahiti, coconut, passionfruit
photo of Darkiplier
by Dee T.
earl grey moonlight, chocolate, cranberry
photo of The Host
The Host
by Dee T.
lapsang souchong, pomegranate, almond oolong
photo of Wilford Warfstashe
Wilford Warfstashe
by Dee T.
butterscotch, candy apple, gingerbread