Fire Emblem Bonds by Annie Vasquez

Fire emblem Bonds
Just some random fire emblem couples I mixed up and made into tea flavors **NOT an officially licensed product. All rights reserved by Intelligent Systems. All art and recourses are credited to the owners.)

photo of Corrin  Azura Greetings
Corrin Azura Greetings
Score: 90
by Annie Vasquez
irish breakfast, tiger eye, almond oolong
photo of Sigurd Deirdre Elegance
Sigurd Deirdre Elegance
by Annie Vasquez
earl grey lavender, cream, vanilla
photo of Lif Thasir Repose
Lif Thasir Repose
Score: 99
by Annie Vasquez
lemon soleil, spiced apple chai, chamomile
photo of Micaiah Sothe Union
Micaiah Sothe Union
by Annie Vasquez
cream, vanilla, cranberry
photo of Alm Celica Rosa
Alm Celica Rosa
Score: 99
by Annie Vasquez
assam melody, lapsang souchong, black cherry
photo of Berkut Rinea Blues
Berkut Rinea Blues
by Annie Vasquez
earl grey moonlight, cream, vanilla oolong
photo of Caeda and Marth devotion
Caeda and Marth devotion
by Annie Vasquez
masala chai, white chai, chestnut
photo of Louise and Pent Vows
Louise and Pent Vows
by Annie Vasquez
vanilla oolong, almond oolong
photo of Lyn Florina Fury
Lyn Florina Fury
by Annie Vasquez
assam melody, earl grey bravo, spearmint
photo of Quan and Ethlyn Walts
Quan and Ethlyn Walts
by Annie Vasquez
summer rose, gunpowder, foxtrot