Par-Tea Blends by Amy Tucker

A personal collection of teas that I enjoy.

photo of Choco Full of Berries
Choco Full of Berries
Score: 90
by Amy Tucker
chocolate, raspberry, blueberry
photo of Don't Chai This at Home
Don't Chai This at Home
by Amy Tucker
almond, oriental spice, masala chai
photo of We Oolong Together
We Oolong Together
by Amy Tucker
cream, vanilla oolong, peach oolong
photo of Dreamscicle
by Amy Tucker
cream, orange, rooibos orange
photo of Stay Puft Earl Grey
Stay Puft Earl Grey
by Amy Tucker
earl grey lavender, caramel, cream
photo of Stop and Smell the Roses
Stop and Smell the Roses
by Amy Tucker
vanilla green, raspberry green, lychee rose green