Virchu teas by Theory Arc

Virchu Vtubers
a stream team by the name of Virchu we specialize in voice acting and memeing!

photo of Arc's Night Time Search
Arc's Night Time Search
by Theory Arc
earl grey lavender, assam melody, cream
photo of Not a rat Ais spicy tea
Not a rat Ais spicy tea
by Theory Arc
spiced apple chai, sour apple, candy apple
photo of Mayoi's Break Hour
Mayoi's Break Hour
by Theory Arc
chocolate, earl grey lavender, honeybush chocolate
photo of Off Duty Officer Calm
Off Duty Officer Calm
by Theory Arc
spiced apple chai, rooibos cinnamon apple, candy apple
photo of Saki's Cat'fe refresher
Saki's Cat'fe refresher
by Theory Arc
white strawberry, hibiscus, berry blast
photo of Vivi's Spring Forest
Vivi's Spring Forest
by Theory Arc
white blueberry, white peony, blueberry
photo of Seikyuu's Afternoon Tea
Seikyuu's Afternoon Tea
by Theory Arc
assam melody, almond, wild strawberry
photo of Carambolas Magical Dream
Carambolas Magical Dream
by Theory Arc
summer rose, lychee rose green, white strawberry
photo of A Dream Demons Treat
A Dream Demons Treat
by Theory Arc
decaf apricot, rooibos peach, chamomile
photo of Assassins Eternal Rest
Assassins Eternal Rest
by Theory Arc
lavender lemon, turmeric bliss, honeybush
photo of Lazy Afternoon Goddess
Lazy Afternoon Goddess
by Theory Arc
white eternal spring, apricot green, peach