TeaF2 by Archie

A TF2 inspired collection of teas.
A line of teas based off of everyone's favorite mercenaries (and Miss Pauling of course!) created with personality, background, and tastes in mind.

photo of The Medic
The Medic
Score: 99
by Archie
raspberry green, blood orange, toasted mate
photo of The Scout
The Scout
Score: 90
by Archie
pomegranate green, berry blast, sour apple
photo of The Soldier
The Soldier
by Archie
blackberry, peach oolong, gunpowder
photo of The Demoman
The Demoman
Score: 90
by Archie
pu-erh dante, tiger eye, butterscotch
photo of The Engineer
The Engineer
by Archie
assam melody, lemon soleil
photo of The Sniper
The Sniper
by Archie
hojicha, mango green
photo of The Spy
The Spy
Score: 90
by Archie
almond, chocolate, currant
photo of The Pyro
The Pyro
by Archie
fiery cinnamon spice, spiced apple chai, candy apple
photo of Miss Pauling
Miss Pauling
by Archie
pu-erh tahiti, passionfruit tango
photo of The Heavy
The Heavy
by Archie
lapsang souchong, apricot