Auragirl111 (Zoey Baugher) Teas by Zoey Baugher

Zuper Teas
Teas based off of characters from series I have made, like Zuper Zane, the Killer Space Cows series, Kitano, Zen and Heroes, the Journey of Mari Umi Kineko. I will add tea as I feel like making it.

photo of Gagagia Tea
Gagagia Tea
by Zoey Baugher
ginseng green, kukicha, lychee rose green
photo of Super Momuian Sam Tea
Super Momuian Sam Tea
by Zoey Baugher
mango, lemon soleil, chamomile
photo of Zezapion Tea
Zezapion Tea
by Zoey Baugher
gunpowder, vanilla green, peppermint
photo of ZAPIN TEA!
by Zoey Baugher
fiery cinnamon spice, blood orange, spiced mate
photo of Zuper Zane Tea
Zuper Zane Tea
by Zoey Baugher
coconut, chocolate chai, spearmint
photo of ZZ Shadow Empress Tea
ZZ Shadow Empress Tea
by Zoey Baugher
chocolate, chocolate chip, honeybush banana nut