Its a Tea-rific Month! by Tiffany Eliot

Every Month is a Tea-rific time to enjoy a cup of tea. I hope you enjoy my monthly themed teas. (If you are looking for Decaffeinated teas, be sure to check out my "It's a Tea Rific Decaf Month"

photo of Tea-Rific January
Tea-Rific January
by Tiffany Eliot
vanilla, peppermint, cream
photo of Tea-rific February
Tea-rific February
by Tiffany Eliot
white strawberry, wild strawberry
photo of Tea-rific March
Tea-rific March
by Tiffany Eliot
cocomint green, vanilla green, peppermint
photo of Tea-rific May
Tea-rific May
Score: 99
by Tiffany Eliot
white eternal spring, white blueberry, white tropics
photo of Tea-rific April
Tea-rific April
by Tiffany Eliot
coconut, vanilla, cream