Globe Trotter Teas by Christina M

These dessert-like teas are my own twists on several favorite, difficult-to-find blends. Inspired by far-off adventures and people who mean the world to me, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

photo of Fallbrook Teatime
Fallbrook Teatime
by Christina M
raspberry, cream, chocolate chip
photo of Hawaiian Sunset
Hawaiian Sunset
by Christina M
peach bellini, rooibos mango, pina colada
photo of Sugarland Picnic
Sugarland Picnic
by Christina M
blueberry, strawberry, black cherry
photo of Zomba Berries
Zomba Berries
by Christina M
white peony, white eternal spring, raspberry patch


photo of Safari Sunrise
Safari Sunrise
pu-erh chorange, pu-erh spice, pu-erh dante