Monstrous Mixes by Inky

DnD Monster Teas
Teas dedicated to some of everyone's favorite monsters from tabletop games.

photo of Lich's Brew
Lich's Brew
by Inky
assam melody, forest berries, cranberry
photo of Owlbear Blend
Owlbear Blend
Score: 99
by Inky
almond, apricot, maple creme oolong
photo of Yummy Yet-tea
Yummy Yet-tea
by Inky
citron green, citrus mint green
photo of Beholder Beau-tea
Beholder Beau-tea
by Inky
dewy cherry, fruit medley, raspberry patch
photo of Mimics Treasure
Mimics Treasure
by Inky
cream, masala chai
photo of Ooze Oolong
Ooze Oolong
by Inky
orange, peach oolong, grapefruit oolong