D's Estate AU by Sheepy

photo of Daddy Debasement
Daddy Debasement
by Sheepy
tiger eye, maple creme oolong, ginseng green
photo of Sinful Mommy
Sinful Mommy
Score: 99
by Sheepy
white eternal spring, lychee rose green, honeybush mango
photo of The Cook
The Cook
by Sheepy
blackberry, currant, honeybush banana nut
photo of The Deity
The Deity
by Sheepy
white eternal spring, white strawberry, foxtrot
photo of The Gardener
The Gardener
by Sheepy
earl grey lavender, hibiscus, summer rose
photo of The Librarian
The Librarian
by Sheepy
assam melody, butterscotch, chocolate chai pu-erh
photo of The Pet
The Pet
by Sheepy
dewy cherry, forest berries, sour apple
photo of The Scribe
The Scribe
by Sheepy
earl grey moonlight, butterscotch, spiced apple chai
photo of Aniki Debasement
Aniki Debasement
by Sheepy
gunpowder, tiger eye, toasted mate
photo of The Bartender
The Bartender
by Sheepy
cream, cinnamon, blood orange
photo of The Forge
The Forge
by Sheepy
fiery cinnamon spice, cinnamon, candy apple
photo of The Stylist
The Stylist
by Sheepy
pu-erh tahiti, cream, rooibos vanilla
photo of Fae Debasement
Fae Debasement
by Sheepy
white eternal spring, lychee rose green, foxtrot
photo of Mommy Debasement
Mommy Debasement
by Sheepy
cocomint green, lemongrass, spiced green
photo of Ms Savage Dom
Ms Savage Dom
by Sheepy
peach oolong, rooibos peach, peach bellini
photo of The Blacksmith
The Blacksmith
by Sheepy
rooibos almond, fiery cinnamon spice, cinnamon
photo of The Merchant
The Merchant
by Sheepy
yerba mate, masala chai, lapsang souchong
photo of The Romantic Stylist
The Romantic Stylist
by Sheepy
valentines, cream, rooibos vanilla
photo of The Guard
The Guard
by Sheepy
white chai, white blueberry, white peony
photo of The Medic
The Medic
by Sheepy
lapsang souchong, ginger, citrus mint green
photo of The Siren
The Siren
by Sheepy
white tangerine, pu-erh spice, lavender lemon
photo of The Engineer
The Engineer
by Sheepy
gunpowder, lapsang souchong, cinnamon
photo of The Mortician
The Mortician
by Sheepy
mambo, pomegranate, yerba mate