The Heart of Ether by Three-Eyed Frog

Welcome to Daughtler, Washington
The Heart of Ether is an LGBTQ small town gothic podcast produced by Three-Eyed Frog presents. Irene Gray moved to Daughtler to move on from something that has haunted her for four years. There is something wrong with this town, though. Something watching. Waiting. Tune in wherever you get your podcasts.

photo of Rosemary Quinn
Rosemary Quinn
by Three-eyed ...
wild strawberry, summer rose, peach
photo of Irene Gray
Irene Gray
by Three-eyed ...
earl grey lavender, earl grey bravo, vanilla
photo of The Spread
The Spread
by Three-eyed ...
citrus mate, sour apple, blood orange
photo of The Folk
The Folk
by Three-eyed ...
chocolate chai pu-erh, chocolate chai, fiery cinnamon spice
photo of The House of Valencia
The House of Valencia
by Three-eyed ...
white peony, white monkey, white pear
photo of The Open Eyes Bookstore
The Open Eyes Bookstore
by Three-eyed ...
apricot green, chamomile, lychee rose green