Sleepless Drafts by Parataxis

Teas that for some reason or other don't quite fit in Sleepless Domain Teas. Maybe they are untested, or a rejected version of one of the teas that's still good. Maybe they're a blend for one of the fan characters on the SD discord! For whatever reason the overflow of the category goes here.

photo of Late Bloom
Late Bloom
by Parataxis
rooibos jasmine, white peony, green rooibos
photo of Heartful Wave
Heartful Wave
by Parataxis
dewy cherry, vanilla oolong, cream
photo of Melty Love
Melty Love
by Parataxis
candy apple, candy cane, christmas
photo of Ruejected
by Parataxis
citron green, green rooibos citron, ginseng green
photo of Tea Outrageous
Tea Outrageous
by Parataxis
sour apple, lemongrass, citron green
photo of Tea-wi Blitz
Tea-wi Blitz
by Parataxis
raspberry patch, lavender lemon, foxtrot