FFVII by Emery Shinra

photo of Sephiroth
by Emery Shinra
summer rose, vanilla oolong, vanilla green
photo of Tseng of the Turks
Tseng of the Turks
by Emery Shinra
pu-erh spice, maple creme oolong, green chai
photo of Vincent Valentine
Vincent Valentine
by Emery Shinra
oriental spice, gunpowder, spiced green
photo of Reno of the Turks
Reno of the Turks
by Emery Shinra
fiery cinnamon spice, chocolate chai pu-erh, vanilla green
photo of Rufus Shinra
Rufus Shinra
by Emery Shinra
masala chai, gunpowder, white monkey
photo of Zack Fair
Zack Fair
by Emery Shinra
almond oolong, gunpowder, gingerbread
photo of Angeal Hewley
Angeal Hewley
by Emery Shinra
pu-erh spice, spiced apple chai, sour apple
photo of Genesis Rhapsodos
Genesis Rhapsodos
by Emery Shinra
chocolate, fiery cinnamon spice, sour apple
photo of Leslie Kyle
Leslie Kyle
by Emery Shinra
earl grey moonlight, lemon soleil, citrus mint green