Wish You Were Here! by Andrea Henderson

photo of Citrus Waves
Citrus Waves
by Andrea Hend...
grapefruit oolong, blood orange, lavender lemon
photo of Lemon Sunrise
Lemon Sunrise
by Andrea Hend...
lemon soleil, kona pineapple, lavender lemon
photo of Albuquerque Sunset
Albuquerque Sunset
by Andrea Hend...
pu-erh spice, lemon soleil, blood orange
photo of Berry Buzz
Berry Buzz
by Andrea Hend...
raspberry green, berry blues, wild strawberry
photo of Creamy Dreamy
Creamy Dreamy
by Andrea Hend...
white strawberry, raspberry patch, kona pineapple
photo of Lemon Ginger Sunset
Lemon Ginger Sunset
by Andrea Hend...
citron green, peppermint, sour apple
photo of My Juicy Orange
My Juicy Orange
by Andrea Hend...
pu-erh dante, blood orange
photo of Queenie’s Choice
Queenie’s Choice
by Andrea Hend...
grapefruit oolong, white tangerine, berry blast
photo of Summer in Finland
Summer in Finland
by Andrea Hend...
white blueberry, blood orange, berry blues
photo of Luscious Lemon
Luscious Lemon
by Andrea Hend...
lemon soleil, lavender lemon, honeybush vanilla
photo of Morning Peace
Morning Peace
by Andrea Hend...
white tropics, citron green
photo of Strawberry Cloud
Strawberry Cloud
by Andrea Hend...
cream, strawberry, wild strawberry