Emmaleighs Caffeine Free Kids Collection by Kayla Hautz

caffeine free flavors created for kids
I wanted to create a kid friendly caffeine free collection. My daughter, age 5, has recently become interested in hot tea. I thought it would be fun for her to do the artwork on it!

photo of Birthday Cupcake- CaffeineFree
Birthday Cupcake- CaffeineFree
by Kayla hautz
wild strawberry, rooibos caramel, rooibos vanilla
photo of Cherry Butterfly
Cherry Butterfly
by Kayla hautz
dewy cherry, wild strawberry, honeybush vanilla
photo of Princess Blueberry Lemonade
Princess Blueberry Lemonade
by Kayla hautz
berry blues, rooibos lemon cloud, green rooibos blueberry
photo of Watermelon Unicorn
Watermelon Unicorn
by Kayla hautz
watermelon cooler, honeybush