Your Turn to Die by Pinkii

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A collection of fanmade teas inspired by the video game/manga by Nankidai. I do not own Your Turn To Die or any of its characters. All rights are reserved to Nankidai. Try a free sample of one of the participants here:

photo of Joe Mama
Joe Mama
by Pinkii
white tangerine, white eternal spring, white tropics
photo of Homemaker
by Pinkii
raspberry patch, turmeric bliss, oriental spice
photo of Ranger Rick
Ranger Rick
by Pinkii
masala chai, rooibos vanilla chai, pumpkin spice
photo of Bucket Girl
Bucket Girl
by Pinkii
lychee rose green, citron green, yerba mate
photo of Laughing Doll
Laughing Doll
by Pinkii
candy apple, caramel, honeybush
photo of Miss Sara
Miss Sara
by Pinkii
almond oolong, maple creme oolong, cinnamon
photo of Mr. Policeman
Mr. Policeman
by Pinkii
ceylon sonata, currant, tiger eye
photo of Punk Lady
Punk Lady
by Pinkii
butterscotch, fiery cinnamon spice, spiced green
photo of Strange Child
Strange Child
by Pinkii
vanilla, chocolate chip, candy cane
photo of Woman In Overalls
Woman In Overalls
by Pinkii
dragon fruit dream, foxtrot, rooibos
photo of Gonbee Yamada
Gonbee Yamada
by Pinkii
gunpowder, pina colada, coconut
photo of Professor
by Pinkii
irish breakfast, decaf spice, toasted mate
photo of Tea-a Safalin
Tea-a Safalin
by Pinkii
spearmint, black cherry, cream
photo of Uncle Crabstache
Uncle Crabstache
by Pinkii
lapsang souchong, hojicha, mocha nut mate


photo of Cubetaro Hamburger
Cubetaro Hamburger
white cucumber, spiced mate, green rooibos bonita
photo of Mr. Beanie
Mr. Beanie
pu-erh dante, forest berries, gingerbread