The Apothecary by Alisa Blaha

For the loyal, cunning, wise, and brave
*Inspired* by and parody of characters owned by J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers. They were made for my own diversion.

photo of For the Loyal
For the Loyal
Score: 99
by Alisa Blaha
tiger eye, fiery cinnamon spice, butterscotch
photo of For the Brave
For the Brave
by Alisa Blaha
fiery cinnamon spice, candy apple, gingerbread
photo of For the Cunning
For the Cunning
by Alisa Blaha
ginseng green, citrus mint green, peppermint
photo of He Who Lived
He Who Lived
by Alisa Blaha
pu-erh dante, butterscotch, chestnut
photo of For the Wise
For the Wise
by Alisa Blaha
earl grey lavender, blueberry, peppermint